Looping Construct in Go

Looping Construct in Go

Apr 9, 2022Β·

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Go has only one looping construct, the for loop.

Basic for loop

The basic for loop has three components separated by semicolons:

  • init statement: i := 0 exec before 1st iteration

  • condition expression: i < n eval on every iteration

  • post statement: i++ exec after each iteration

The expression is not surrounded by parentheses ( ) but the braces { } around a set of instructions are required.

for i := 0; i < n; i++ {
    //business logic
    //set of instructions

Init and post statements are optional.

for ; i < n; {
    //business logic

For is also a while() loop

for i < n {
    //business logic

Infinite loop

for {
    //business logic


package main
import "fmt"

func main() {
    for i := 0; i < 5; i++ {fmt.Printf("Iteration number: %d\n", i)}

Run this code in Go Playground

Iteration number: 0
Iteration number: 1
Iteration number: 2
Iteration number: 3
Iteration number: 4

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